Members in our lab have access to state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing and microfabrication facilities at York University and University of Toronto. The facilities listed below are available in the lab at Bergeron Center for Engineering Excellence at York University.


HAAKE™ MiniJet Pro Piston Injection Molding System

This equipment is used for injection molding of microfluidic devices in thermoplastics at our lab.

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  • Develop-Bake System – Brewer Science – Cee® 200DBX

    The Brewer Science® Cee® 200DBX precision develop-bake system combines a track-quality precision developer with a high-uniformity bake module (for post-exposure baking) in an efficient space saving design.

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  • Precision Coat-Bake System – Brewer Science – Cee® 200CBX

    The Brewer Science® Cee® 200CBX precision coat-bake system combines a track quality precision spin coater with a high uniformity bake plate, in an efficient space saving design.

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  • Ultraviolet Exposure Masking System – KLOE – UV-KUB 2

    The UV-KUB 2 is the first UV-LED based masking system available on the international market. The UV-KUB 2 is a compact exposure-masking system equipped with an LED based optical head, collimated and homogeneous. Its masking function enables to reach resolutions less than 2µm. This system is compatible with any of the most popular photoresists such as AZ series, Shipley series, SU-8 and K-CL series.

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  • High Power Plasma Cleaner/Bonder – Harrick Plasma – PDC-001-HP

    The high power expanded plasma cleaner is a versatile instrument, suitable for etching organic thin films (10-100 nm) as well as surface activation and modification.

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  • KOPF Needle and Pipette Puller – Model 730

    This equipment is used for fabrication of microneedles that can be integrated with various microfluidic devices for microinjection, microsurgery and microdroplet generation.

    Vacuum Pump – Agilent Technologies- IDP-3

    Agilent Technologies’ patented scroll pump technology line provides affordable, oil-free vacuum, can be easily integrated into existing systems, and is suitable for a broad range of both research and industrial applications. The pump creates a vacuum using a simple dual scroll mechanism—one nested scroll orbits around the other, creating moving zones of captured gas. Gas enters the scroll pump at the perimeter and is displaced and compressed toward the center hub, where it is exhausted creating low ultimate pressure at high speed. Our dry scroll pumps are ideal primary pumps for many demanding applications–delivering durability, reliability and easy maintenance. The IDP-3 operates at a pumping speed of 60 liters/min.

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  • Stirring Hotplates – Fisher Scientific – 11-100-49SH

    Easy and safe to use. Excellent for general lab heating and stirring in environments between 4° to 40°C (39° to 104°F).

    Easy to set analog temperature control knob with graduated scale
    LED display
    Redundant temperature control systems for overtemperature protection
    Incorporated base mount holds support rods up to 13mm diameter—ideal when using thermometers or pH probes
    Variable analog stirring control to 1200rpm
    Reflective white ceramic surface is acid- and alkali-resistant and easy to clean

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    Biological Safety Cabinet



    Fluorescent Stereomicroscope – Leica – MZ10F

    The Leica MZ10 F modular stereo microscope with 8x-80x magnification and 375 Lp/mm high resolution provides triple beam technology, which designates a separate beam path specifically for fluorescent illumination for high contrast and detailed fluorescent imaging.
    With the FluoIII rapid filter changer, which allows fast interchange between triple beam standard or custom filter sets, the Leica MZ10 F is the ideal tool for fluorescence applications such as imaging of biological samples in microfluidic devices.

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  • Fluorescent Inverted Microscope– BioImager – BIM 600

    This microscope is equipped with 2.5x-100x magnification and GFP, RFP and YFP fluorescent imaging filters.

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  • Two Programmable Infuse/Withdraw Syringe Pumps – KDS Scientific – Legato 110

    Single syringe infuse/ withdraw with program option for 2 programs. 50 steps each. Accommodates syringes 0.5ul to 60ml. User definable flow rates with selectable target volume or time values to control the total infusion volume.

    Features: High resolution color touch screen, Touch pad “lock” feature, Up to 30 lbs linear force, Advanced microstepping techniques, USB port, I/O & TTL interface

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  • MasterFlex L/S Peristaltic Pump – Cole Parmer – 7528-10

    Flow rate 0.06 to 3400 mL/min
    Three digit LED display shows motor rpm—confirm speed setting at a glance
    Reversible motor—purge tubing before or after pumping; pump fluid in either direction
    Powerful motors let you stack 2 or 4 pump heads for increased flow rates and for multichannel applications
    Pump direction (CW/CCW) via open collector or contact closure

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  • MasterFlex C/L Small Peristaltic Pump – Cole Parmer

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  • Weighting Scale – Sartorius – 2201

    Specifications: Toploading Balance with internal calibration, Capacity 2200g, Dimensions 11.9″ x 3.6″ x 9.1″, Readability 0.1g, Model ENTRIS2201-1S

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  • Digital SourceMeter – Tektronix – KEITHLEY 2410

    Specifications: 1 Channels, 1A Max Current Source/Measure Range, 1100V Max Voltage Source/Measure Range, 1pA Measurement Resolution (Current / Voltage), 20W Power

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  • Function Generator – Tektronix – AFG3022C

    Specifications: 25 MHz Sine Waveforms, 1 mHz to 12.5 MHz Arbitrary Waveforms, Amplitude up to 10 Vp-p into 50 Ω Loads, 5.6 in. Color TFT LCD Display for Full Confidence in Settings and Waveform Shape, Sweep and Burst, USB Connector on Front Panel for Waveform Storage on Memory Device, USB, GPIB, and LAN LabVIEW and LabWindows/IVI-C Drivers

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  • Portable Handheld Pressure Meter – Sper Scientific – with Transducer 840067

    Covers a pressure range of 5 ~ 72.5 psi. Compatible with both liquids and gases. Useful in measuring pneumatic pressure, automobile engine vacuum pressure, super heat measurements, hydraulic servo controls, refrigeration, air conditioning, and food processing. Features eight units of measure, min/max, hold, auto power off and an RS232 computer interface.

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  • Portable Handheld FlowMeter – Cole Parmer – EW-32908-53

    Specifications: Differential Pressure Flowmeter, Max pressure 145psi, Max operating temperature 50º C, Accuracy ±0.8 % of reading ±0.2 % full-scale, Max particulate size 20 µm

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  • Handheld Turbidity Meter – Sper Scientific – LUTU-2016

    Turbidity (undissolved solids) is an important measure of water quality in environmental testing, wastewater, petrochemical, beverage industry, and electroplating. This compact, battery operated meter is easily portable for use in the field or lab. Uses the highly accurate nephelometric method to meet ISO 7027 standards. Features push-button automatic 3-point calibration, auto-ranging, and min-max recall.

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  • Handheld GaussMeter – HIRST – GM07

    The GM07 Gaussmeters is a hand-held device for magnetic measurement applications. The unit is controlled by a simple menu and is supplied with a thin semi-flexible Transverse Probe. The GM07 incorporates an analogue peak detector for the DC and AC peak functions. This, coupled with the microprocessor operation means that fast response is possible with digital stability (fast pulse / no drop in readings).

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